Energy storage potential demand

Power Generator

The use of energy storage system storage power generation capacity cannot be connected to the grid, and in the power generation valley release, reduce the impact on the power grid, increase the power Distributed scenery and micro-network storage: located near the user, the power generation can be used in situ and access to the grid, through the energy storage to achieve smooth power to protect the safety of the grid or the purpose of their own use Paid FM: According to the power grid instructions, in the power grid frequency fluctuations, the replacement of the original unit output, in response to FM instructions, access to FM compensation.
Payable peak : When receiving the peak surge command, no longer adjust the unit by peaking, and through the energy storage system charge and discharge to achieve peak shunt, to obtain peaking compensation Other services: power grid auxiliary services in the energy storage can also help black start, pressure and other services


Ease the transmission and distribution plug: the energy storage system installed in the upstream line, when the occurrence of line blocking cannot be transported to the energy storage equipment, until the line load is less than the line capacity, the energy storage system to the line discharge Delay the transmission and distribution equipment expansion: the use of energy storage system through a smaller installed capacity to effectively improve the power transmission and distribution capacity, thereby delaying the cost of new transmission and distribution facilities Reactive power support: the battery can be in the dynamic inverter, communication and control equipment, assisted by adjusting the output of the reactive power of the size of the transmission and distribution lines to adjust the voltage


Demand regulation: does not affect the normal production of the case, by reducing the maximum power consumption, thereby reducing capacity costs. Peak load: energy storage system in the low price when the energy storage, high electricity price discharge, so as not to change the user behavior in the case, to help users reduce the overall cost of electricity Improve the power quality: energy storage system can also be smooth voltage, frequency fluctuations, such as the use of energy storage to solve the distributed photovoltaic system voltage rise, dips, flicker and other issues

“The future development trend:
Tsubsidy floor, electricity reform is expected to enhance the energy T consumption of energy applications.”

Comprehensive Subsidy

Beginning subsidies: According to the battery capacity to give construction costs subsidies

California SGIP: <1MW, $ 1.46 / W, and no more than 60%

New York: System subsidy $ 2.1 / W

Germany: <30kW the energy storage system can get 30% subsidy

Operating electricity subsidies: According to the actual use of energy storage system, electricity to give a certain amount of subsidies.

Subsidies will make up the application limits

Comprehensive subsidy can make up for the high cost of application scenarios to help save energy to open more applications market areas

Subsidies can improve the level of energy users income