Residential Solutions

With the increasing demand for solar power in residential applications, the need for smarter and well-connected solutions has never been more important.

Commercial Solutions

Energy storage system coupled with solar can maximize the potential of large solar installations by turning solar energy into a dispatchable asset for the installation owners.

Telecom Solutions

Electro Wise’s equipment and its related components are installed by trained technicians that are part of our network of licensed contractors.

On-Grid Solutions

Today, grid-tied systems are the most common type of photovoltaic systems. A grid-tied system will allow you to save more money with…

Off-Grid Solutions

An off-grid solar system provides electricity at all times. To ensure this, an off-grid solar system requires battery storage and an inverter

Hybrid Solutions

A hybrid solar system combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid-connected system — including the ability to earn…

Microgrid Solutions

Energy storage is the key to realizing the full potential of microgrids and eliminating dependence on fossil fuel systems for power supply…

Minigrid Solutions

During the last few years, as the prices of PV and energy storage are plummeting, microgrids are becoming cost-effective and attractive…

ESS Project Solutions

The Energie Innovante’s energy storage business commits to providing the world-leading integrated energy storage system solutions. Depending on the cutting-edge renewable energy power conversion technology and lithium battery technology…