Project ESS

Energy Storage Solutions

The advent of volatile and decentralized power generation from renewable sources and unpredictable consumers like electric vehicles, as well as obstacles for reinforcing the grid infrastructure, accentuate the unbalance between production and consumption of electrical energy in the power system.
This results in grid instabilities, i.e., voltage and frequency deviations affecting consumers. Energy storage solutions can make a major contribution in alleviating these effects. 


Energie Innovante offers turnkey energy storage systems that are ready for connection to medium- or high-voltage grids and cover a power range of hundreds of kilowatts to tens of megawatts. The optimized systems enable fast response times to variations in demand and supply, helping to maintain grid stability and ensuring reliable and high-quality energy supplies through a range of applications. 
By choosing Energie Innovante as a system provider, the customer gains a reliable partner for the overall system. Our experience in implementing energy storage systems for more than a decade enables us to provide optimized solutions that are ready for grid connection. For turnkey systems, our project team acts as a single point of responsibility, thus minimizing project risk and complexity for the customer.